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The courses below are available on a monthly basis. This means that every month we have new terms for all these courses starting in the first week. Bookings for the next month are available in the last week of the current month, so you will not see these courses on the booking page before that (except drop-ins).

If you are interested in a course and want to check its availability for the next month, you can contact us here. We also have waiting lists in place in case the course you want is full. 

Apart from these courses, we also have one-off taster workshops for beginners and open trainings available in our space that are not displayed on the timetable below because they take place randomly throughout the year. You can find them on our booking page and they are always publicised on our social media pages. Don't forget to follow us to keep updated!

Timetable adults.png
Timetable young fliers.png
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